Welcome to the Chair Physics of New Materials



Head: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Eberhard Burkel


The worldwide demand for advanced multifunctional materials is in the focus of the research and development of this group that concentrates on the

Materials Design of Advanced Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials and the

Analysis of their Physical Properties.


Lectures and Seminars of the group include Experimental Physics, Solid State Physics, Physics of New Materials, Nanotechnology in Materials Synthesis, Characterization of Nanostructured Materials and advanced experimental training.



Prof. Eberhard Burkel,
Institut für Physik,
Forschungsgebäude,  Raum 180

Tel. : +49 381 498 6860,
E-Mail: eberhard.burkel@uni-rostock.de


Ulrike Schröder,
Institut für Physik,
Forschungsgebäude, Raum 179

Tel. : +49 381 498 6861

Fax : +49 381 498 6862

E-Mail: ulrike.schroeder@uni-rostock.de